We are “SN Technologies.” below mentioned conditions and policies are related to bulk sms or its related services provided by SN Technologies.

By using or accessing SN Technologies Services in any manner, you acknowledge that you accept the practices and policies outlined in Fair Pricing Policy, and you hereby consent that you will follow our policies as mentioned.

We play fair!

Our purpose is to give you maximum value at the lowest price keeping us profitable and sustainable.

Fair Pricing Policy

to be honest, and open, providing our customers with reliable and high-quality services at a fair price, while also ensuring the sustainability of our business.

Our fair pricing policy promotes:

Cost-effective Solutions – Our pricing is derived from the factors responsible to produce optimum results for your money paid.

Future price increase – If there is increase in cost of sms from telecom operators or service providers for any reason more than 1 paise per sms then the increase will be passed to you/users/resellers/customers & cost per sms will be modified for your account. It may happen due to any new rules or policy comes into effect.

Important: We clearly have No Refund Policy. We do not return the amount once the product or services purchased so, kindly check the product at your end by purchasing the lower amount plans.

Buy with Confidence – We offer validity of 1 Year to our SMS services so that a customer can avail the maximum usage worth the value for the amount paid.

Mutual Trust – We believe that your success will be our success and you have to trust us with our methods.

Enhancing our Services – Our pricing is based on our cost plus a reasonable profit margin to allow for continued growth and development of our business, employees and future product enhancements.

Our driving philosophy is that if SN Technologies remains profitable, competitive and customer-focused then our future and that of our customers will be secure and prosperous. We are committed to the success of our customers and believe that your hard work is as valuable as ours.

Our terms are aligned and subject to modification according to laws and guidelines by local government bodies like TRAI in India.