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Home Delivery Mobile Apps

अपने बिजनेस को ऑनलाइन लायें, अपने प्रोडक्ट्स को ऑनलाइन बेंचें !

Increase productivity with a simple to-do app. app for managing your personal budgets.

Scan QR Code to see Your  on mobile phone.

Digitize Dine-in Experience

Cloud Based Digital {Store} with Dashboard to manage dine-in digitally.

Scan QR to see Store

Give your customers contactless Digital experience

  • Scan the QR code on the table
  • Click the url onto the mobile screen
  • See the Store
  • Place your order and enjoy

Admin Dashboard

Cloud based admin dashboard. Using which Manage your Store, orders, tables etc.

Creative Store

Show creative, safe and innovative digital Store to your customer directly on their phone.

24 Hours Supports

Our capable team is ready to support you anytime you need.

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Why Us?

Benifits Of Using Home Delivery Apps

Home Delivery Apps is designed to help Cafe's , Restaurants, Pubs, Bars etc. A Cloud based system that provide digital Store and provide complete digital Dine-in.

For Owners

  • Modify your Store as many times you want
  • Saves Cost and Overhead of reprinting your Store
  • Give your customers a contactless, digital and highTech dine-in experience
  • Safe secure and hygienic Stores.
  • Track your sales and business and manage done-in system easily.
  • Saves customer waiting time

For Customers

  • Safe, secure and hygienic Store for customers.
  • Easy to see Store and place orders
  • Easy Billing and payment system
  • Special Feedback section for customers

For Staffs

  • See orders directly inside the kitchen
  • Now its easy to take orders from customers.
  • Easy to manage several dine-in and orders at the same time
  • Easy to provide customers services and make them happy.

Our Packages


  • QR Based Digital Store
  • Store and Pricing Modification
  • Customer Feedbacks


  • QR Based Digital Store
  • Scan and Order
  • Orders Management
  • Store and Pricing Modification
  • Payments and Bills
  • Customer Feedbacks


  • QR Based Digital Store
  • Scan and Order
  • Orders Management
  • Store and Pricing Modification
  • Kitchen Display Systems
  • Payments and Bills
  • Business and Sales Report
  • Customer Feedbacks

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