Smart Clinic

hospital management Software

Software Feature

  • Patient Entry
  • OPD Entry
  • IPD Entry
  • Lab Report
  • Doctor Entry
  • Payment
  • Receipts

How to Install Software:-

(1)- Install- ‘SNT Support.exe’ file
(2)- Install- ‘Provider.exe’
(3)- Install- ‘Smart Clinic_Setup.exe’

How to Create Hospital in Software:-

Create new Company:-

Fill all the Details:-

Login Software:-


Complete Integrated Hospital Management System

ERP Software for Hospital With IPD, POD, Billing, Accounting, Medicine Stock, Inventory Stock, Advance Payment & Balance Facility.


Record every details of the doctors from their appointments to their treatments


Schedule tasks for your nurses and ward boys in a integrated dashboard

Patient Data

An enhanced electronic health record system to track every details of the patient

Tele – Consultation

Schedule online appointments and consult patients from where you are


Manage everything in the stocks from Manufacturing date to Stock limits


Enable secure payment gateway and make every options available for patients


Integrated billing, which allows to have a intuitive interface connecting all departments

Prescription pad

A prescription pad is the most important object that you will find on a doctor’s desk. A doctor prescription pad bears the name and contact details of the specialist.